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Ice Machine Repair

Regardless of whether you own a commercial ice machine, under counter icemaker or home ice-making machine, repair and maintenance are essential tasks to ensure maximum equipment life and efficiency. Ice machine repair often becomes a summer necessity because machines develop problems while working constantly to produce steady supplies of ice.

Typical Ice Machine Problems

I've seen all types of ice machine issues during my career at Affiliated Appliance, and believe me, relatively minor problems can cause these machines to appear hopelessly inefficient and broken beyond repair. During hot summer weather, all ice machines have trouble keeping up with demand, and simple mechanical and supply issues can cause slow production, undersized or oversized ice and malformed cubes. If you use an ice machine commercially, it is essential that you find a reliable repair and service company to ensure that your machine or machines continue producing ice. The most common ice machine problems that I've noticed include:

  • Clogged water supplies of filters
  • Water leaking into the machine and melting ice
  • High water temperatures from the machine's water supply
  • Excessive room heat and humidity
  • Clogged, dirty or malfunctioning condensers
  • Low refrigerant
  • Bad solenoid valves

Repair Experience and the Icy Truth

When it comes to refrigeration and freezer issues, I've discovered that experience counts for a great deal. Our technicians have more than 15 years of experience dealing with all types of ice machine repair issues, so you can be sure that you get skilled work when you call us for service. Affiliated Appliance offers the following services for Denton County, Texas, residents and business owners:

  • Factory-trained and authorized service on most brands
  • Competitive rates
  • No charges for service calls when you authorize us to make the needed repairs
  • Same-day service
  • Fully stocked warehouse with most common parts

Ice machines develop problems over time, but Affiliated Appliance's, experience, skill and knowledge of ice machine repairs mean that you can get your machine repaired with minimal delays and costs. Contact Affiliated Appliance for a free quote on service before shopping for a new machine.

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