Corinth Appliance Repair

Ready availability of parts for your appliances gives you a reason to hope that replacing them is not necessary. Our trucks are fully stocked with parts, and we can repair any appliance in your kitchen or laundry. Whether you have commercial dishwashers, fryers, ovens, walk-in coolers, ice machines and refrigerators or small appliances that help you with family duties, we can repair any of them. Without waiting for weeks for a part to arrive, you can get your appliances repaired today.

Providing Prompt and Efficient Service

dishwasher largeOur family owned and operated business has served homes and businesses in Corinth with distinction for 15 years. We understand that appliances are essential for your home or business, and we are committed to returning them to working status when they break down. Family members arrive home expecting to find dinner in the oven, and restaurant guests expect a hot meal, a cold drink and clean linens with spotless silverware. Your request for service gives us the opportunity to respond immediately, and we arrive soon after you call us. 

Helping You Cut Expenses

We offer two ways to help control the cost of appliance repair, and both are unique services that we provide to our clients. We are aware of the acceptable as well as the unacceptable prices that other companies offer. We help you save money with our adherence to competitive industry rates. Our technicians are factory trained and certified, and we take pride in the expertise that they bring to your job. Each one is licensed and insured, giving you assurance of superior performance.

Charging a fee for a diagnostic service call is a common practice, but we offer you a way to avoid it. When you approve our estimate and let us start working as soon as we diagnose the problem, we waive the service call fee. Our reputation rests on our fair pricing policy and on our superior performance. We are committed to providing repairs with minimal disruption, and our customer service policy ensures that you get the best price that is available anywhere.

Selecting Replacement Appliances

Making affordable repair a reality in Denton and Tarrant Counties is a goal that we achieve every day. When your equipment is beyond repair, you can count on us to help you identify a replacement. Letting our technicians install it and get it running properly can ensure the performance that you expect.

Choosing Affiliated Appliance


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